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Our Story

Factual and Transparent Development

We love to develop, and have been doing it for a long time. From the time that I, as a young man, had my first ground breaking, standing on a grassy knoll overlooking a seventy five acre job site, and saw a half-dozen bulldozers moving the earth, I knew that my two years of work had been worth it. We were creating jobs, adding to municipal coffers and building the economy. A year later, people moved in, registers rang and a piece of the world had been transformed for the better. We still feel the same way today.

Over thirty five years, and hundreds of projects, we've learned a lot about development. Some things, like honesty, integrity, honoring one's word, were learned by the time we were five years old. They're innate. Other things we learned through experience and trial and error. Today, we believe that some of our best practices are to let the facts speak for themselves, in market data, costs, rental rates, demand and expectations. We do this with our team, our clients, our investors, our vendor partners, our communities and our families. We believe that transparency leads to great long term results and relationships.

Today, we're as excited about our next project as our current ones. In each case, our goal is to leave the world a little bit better because of our efforts. That's a fact.

-Alex Dmyterko, CEO

Services Provided

On Time, On Budget.

Apartment Building
Construction Site

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Featured Project

Great investments and great communities require great focus.

The Streams at Battery Park

Completion 2023
252 Units

We love helping to shape the neighborhoods where we work. Our latest project helps to bring first-class, luxury apartments to the rapidly growing Anderson area. We have partnered with top notch architects, engineers, contractors, environmental consultants, capital partners and lenders to transform under-utilized land into a thriving, vibrant community. The Streams at Battery Park will be the toast of Anderson, and a home to hundreds of people.
We're very excited!

The Streams at Battery Park.jpg

5 Century Drive, Suite 240, Greenville, South Carolina, 29607, United States

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